American political activists have made plans for a tribute to legendary country star Johnny Cash at this week's (30AUG04) Republican convention in New York - to the disgust of the singer's devoted fans.

The tribute is timed to coincide with the first anniversary of the Hurt singer's death, and it will also honour SENATOR LAMAR ALEXANDER, who was a friend of Cash and his wife JUNE CARTER CASH.

But Cash fan ERIN SIEGAL, a 22-year-old student from New York, has initiated a protest campaign against the planned tribute. She hopes to get as many as 500 fellow fans to join her protest outside the Sotheby's auction house tomorrow (31AUG04).

She comments, "I find this really offensive, for his name or his memory to be used like this. A lot of his political songs really represented issues the Republicans don't really seem to care about very much."

The event will also be attended by Republican delegates from Cash's home state Tennessee.

Tennessee Republican Party chairwoman BETH HARWELL says, "It's a way for us to honour a great Tennessean. A lot of the Tennessee delegates love Johnny Cash's music."

The tribute ties in with an auction featuring more than 650 items belonging to Cash.

30/08/2004 17:30