Late music legend Johnny Cash's singer daughter Rosanne Cash is finding it difficult to properly mourn her father - because his death was so public.

The country star, 49, buried her famous dad in September (03) after he died following complications from diabetes.

Rosanne laments, "It's been a rough year. I don't ever want to have a year like the one I just had.

"In one way mourning in public was helpful because people's sympathies and grief in losing my dad is incredibly touching and appreciated."

Rosanne admits she is surprised when people expect her to be dealing with the death in the same way a fan would be.

She continues, "But in another way I'm sometimes confronted with it in a painful way because people I guess expect me to be in the same place they are and I'm not.

"I don't miss Johnny Cash, I miss my dad - it's very different."

12/08/2004 13:52