Heartbroken country legend Johnny Cash has made a return to the stage - just a month after his wife and singing partner JUNE CARTER CASH died.

The BOY NAMED SUE singer was flanked by his son JOHN CARTER CASH and daughter-in-law LAURA at the concert in Vancouver, Canada.

The 71-year old told the crowd, "I don't know hardly what to say tonight about being up here without her. The pain is so severe there is no way of describing it. It really hurts."

Carter Cash died on 15 May (03) after complications arose during heart surgery. She and Cash had been married for 40 years.

Upon finishing his set, Cash said, "It's been a pleasure. It's been a painful experience ... but a healing thing to come back here to this wonderful place with you. (June) loved this valley and all these people and all you people. I wish I could share it more - how we felt about each other."

25/06/2003 09:16