LATEST: Former BEE GEE BARRY GIBB is hoping to channel the spirit of the late Johnny Cash with a new country-inspired album - because that's "really who he is". The STAYIN' ALIVE star purchased Cash's lakeside abode in Nashville, Tennessee, in January this year (06), where the Hurt star lived with wife JUNE CARTER CASH for 35 years. Now, after months of restoration, Gibb hopes the house's musical legacy will rub off on him. He says, "We'd like to use it as our second home. I would like to come here and write songs. I am planning on making a country album. That is really who I am." Gibb is also keen to highlight the musical legacy behind the Nashville site - the late Roy Orbison lived in the house next door before his death in 1988. He says, "Do you realise how many hit songs have been written in that four or five-acre area, including Roy Orbison next door? "The inspiration, being surrounded by the musical atmosphere that has been there for 35 years, we just had to do it."