Country legend Johnny Cash's business manager is fighting back against companies cashing in on the late star's image - and he's targeting bootleggers.

For more than 30 years, LOU ROBIN served as Cash's friend and manager and, following the deaths of the HURT singer and his wife JUNE CARTER CASH in 2003, he's now working with the Cash children to legally protect their parents' image.

Robin tells American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "John Carter Cash (son) was charged by John to watch over his image and the children also join him in that effort. It's up to the trustee and me to be sure that the proper events happen or that things don't happen that would tarnish that image or change it.

"I think they'd be very upset about a lot of (the products being sold) because they would think some of it is trash.

"One time someone was selling shot glasses with his name on them. One person made clocks with his face on it and another company made postcards with his face and was selling it."

But the items Robin claims upset Cash the most were bootleg records.

He adds, "He'd go into record stores and come out with records he had nothing to do with and ask me, 'How do we stop this?'"

Robin says the estate will continue protecting Cash's image, adding that proceeds from approved products often go to charity because that's what Cash and wife June wanted.

05/08/2004 09:26