Officials have cancelled a tribute concert marking the 40th anniversary of Johnny Cash's acclaimed performance at California's Folsom State Prison. The event was due to take place on Sunday (13Jan07) in the same cafeteria where the late musician performed for inmates in 1968 - but was scrapped on Monday (7Jan08) after a disagreement between the institution and the gig's organisers over security concerns and filming rights. Promoter Jonathan Holiff, who claims his father was once Cash's manager, says, "I'm crushed. I was in tears when I found out." Joe Avila, executive director of Prison Fellowship Ministries, one of four non-profit groups sponsoring the show, adds, "The whole Johnny Cash story is one of redemption. Johnny was wild at heart, just like these men. "But just like him they can change. They can walk the line." Cash died in 2003 at age 71.