Late U.S. TV legend Johnny Carson's former THE TONIGHT SHOW sidekick Ed McMahon's financial problems are down to his boozing , according to his longtime manager.
The comedian is facing foreclosure on his multi-million dollar Beverly Hills, California mansion after he fell behind with his mortgage repayments.
MCMahon reportedly owes $600,000 (GBP300,000) in overdue payments and a repossession company has filed a default notice on the property - meaning he could now lose the house altogether.
The 85-year-old has been out of work for 18 months after breaking his neck in a fall. He has been attempting to sell the $6.25 million (GBP3.1 million) home for two years, but the U.S. property market troubles have scuppered his plans.
However, MCMahon's manager claims the star's financial woes could be down to a drink problem, insisting before MCMahon got sober 10 years ago his boozing ways meant he neglected many financial matters.
He tells New York gossip column Page Six, "You drink and you don't pay attention to your business affairs. He wasn't paying attention and probably got some bad advice."
He adds, "I'm hoping America will rally around him and somebody will have a great idea to make him a spokesman."