Johnny Borrell is delighted with the current Razorlight line-up.

The band drafted in drummer David 'Skully' Sullivan-Kaplan following the acrimonious departure of Andy Burrows earlier this year and the frontman says he feels like he finally has "the band I want".

He said: "There's no nonsense around at the moment, just people who want to make music. We've done quite a few songs but it's early days for titles.

The 'Up All Night' singer admitted he is looking forward to returning to the studio and promised fans a radically different LP to previous effort 'Slipway Fires'.

He added: "It's back to the real basic team of the other four of us in a studio. 'Slipway Fires' was like the art record and this will be totally different."

Johnny, 29, has previously admitted the group - who play the Virgin Media V Festival in the UK this weekend - came close to splitting following Andy's departure.

He confessed: "It was not at all certain that we were going to carry on. We had kind of rehearsed for it because we had exactly the same situation just after the first album, where Christian Smith-Pancorvo left, then Andy came in.

"But David fitted in right away. He's a really great guy and an excellent drummer so it feels new and exciting."

Following his departure, Andy - who co-wrote the group's biggest hit 'America' - said: "It was hell. I'm glad I'm finally out of it.

"I hated being in the band. Johnny and I didn't get on. Now I've got my freedom. He never wanted people to know we both wrote songs and I couldn't be in control. I'm happy again now."