Johnny Borrell was terrified he had destroyed his voice after years spent treating it badly, but subsequently made a complete recovery by improving his posture.

The Razorlight frontman had strained his vocal chords almost beyond repair, and was only saved by a visit to a therapist who took him by surprise with her novel approach.

He explains, "First, I don't like American beer - who does? - so when everybody had a beer (while in the US) I'd have a shot of vodka. But drinking straight vodka is not good for your voice.

"Also I quit smoking fags, which meant my voice was rebuilding itself.

"My voice was disintegrating. Eventually I went to see a voice coach called MAUREEN.

"She was incredible. It was all about your body and posture.

"I'd be standing there struggling to sing a high note and she'd come up behind me and go 'kuh-runk' on my back and it would come out perfectly."

05/08/2005 17:27