John Wayne's eye patch that he wore in the 1969 classic western movie 'True Grit' is set to be sold at auction, reports Reuters. Other items once belonging to John Wayne, including his Golden Globe, will also go under the hammer at the auction in October 2011.
John Wayne played the drunken anti-hero 'Marshal Rooster Cogburn' in 'True Grit', which was recently remade by the Coen Brothers. As well as Wayne's famous eye patch, his cowboy boots, driving license, hats, passport and various movie scripts have also been handed over to sell. Items are expected to go for anything between $100 and $50,000. The actor's son Ethan Wayne said, "All these are items that could either stay stored somewhere, or be let loose to the people. We thought, what's the best use of these items? My family and I have a few personal items and a lot of memories, so turning the rest over to his fans is the right thing to do".
John Wayne starred in over 170 movies and won the 'Best Actor' Oscar for his performance in 'True Grit'. Jeff Bridges, who played 'Rooster Cogburn' in the 2010 remake, was also nominated for the same award at this year's Academy Awards. Wayne died of stomach cancer in 1979, he was 72-years-old.