The brother of actor John Turturro is warring with his New York neighbours, who are campaigning for his eviction.
According to the New York Post, 10 residents of Ralph Turturro's Manhattan apartment building have signed a letter begging their landlord to remove him from the building after he threatened to kill them.
Police have reportedly been called to the apartment block five times since Turturro moved in in August (08) by worried neighbours, who claim the new tenant often screams obscenities throughout the night and leers at female residents.
Resident Deborah Miller claims she had to call police on 30 August (08) after Turturro tried to get in to her apartment at 1am, claiming he was locked out of his own.
She recalls his alleged screams to her, calling, "Get me a key, bitch!" and adds, "He's explosive. We won't feel safe until he is not here."
Another worried neighbour, Rhodry Murphy, adds, "It's sad because he's a sick man. I almost feel sorry for him except he's making our lives miserable."
Turturro, an unemployed artist, admits that he has been a problem in the building but insists he will change.
He says, "I said bad things that I didn't mean, but it's not going to happen anymore."