Actor-turned-director John Turturro begged Kate Winslet not to slim for her role in ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES because her post-pregnancy curves were perfect for the part. Turturro was initially concerned Winslet was too lean to play sexy TULA, as she lacked the sensuality he wanted for the character. But once the British beauty and her director husband Sam Mendes had baby Joe in 2003, her curves returned and Turturro was delighted. He says, "When I met her she was very thin. She'd read the script and she liked it, but I thought, 'There's nothing here, she's so small.' "Then she got pregnant and she was upset. But I said, 'No it's perfect!' "We started filming after she had the baby. She tried to get in shape a little bit, but I said, 'Don't worry, it'll be really appropriate for the film.' "I'd imagined her as someone I had a childhood crush on - I wanted her to look like a fantasy. It was good fortune and I'm thankful to Mr Mendes!"