Actor John Turturro had a very direct way of making sure his Fading Gigolo co-star Woody Allen stuck to his lines in the film - a young castmate stepped on the movie great's foot whenever he forgot what to say.

Turturro directed his pal in the new comedy and admits it was thrilling to have Allen on set.

He reveals Woody went out of his way to make everyone feel at ease, and one co-star made sure the filmmaker stayed true to the script.

Turturro explains, "Woody was great with those kids. They treated him like they didn't know who he was, like, 'You're just an old man!'

"The first day on the set he wasn't getting his lines right away and he skipped, like, three paragraphs. One of the kids would step on his foot whenever Woody would forget any lines. We have the outtakes."