Hollywood couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston keep the romance alive in their marriage by occasionally hitting the dancefloors of New York.

Travolta insists his sexy wife is the best dance partner he has ever had, and he loves to treat her to a night on the town from time to time.

He says, "Kelly's a fabulous dancer. The most romantic night out would probably be along the lines of me taking my wife to New York City, on top of Radio City Music Hall.

"There's a dance floor called the Rainbow Room and Kelly and I will, on occasion, have dinner and dance between courses."

Another great dancer the GREASE star has had the pleasure of tripping the light fantastic with is late British royal PRINCESS DIANA - even though she always insisted on leading.

He adds, "She had confidence, maybe a little too much confidence for me, meaning that she started to lead.

"I looked at her in her eyes and said, 'You have to let me lead.' She and Prince Charles would dance quite strongly on the floor and I thought, 'I have to modify that,' because it was too much movement.

"The first thing I did when she brought my hand up was I pulled it down and told her she was going to be fine and we went off to the races."

16/02/2005 09:32