John Travolta revs up for mindblowing sex sessions with his wife KELLY PRESTON with late-night gym sessions.

The fitness-mad movie hunk often works out after midnight when his chosen gyms are quiet, because he likes to work on his stamina and his fitness with his trainer STEVE when no one else is around to bother him.

He says, "I usually start anywhere from midnight to 2am with 300 to 400 sit-ups. Then I do five sets of biceps and five sets of triceps. It started with 15 minutes of walking and then we included racketball and sports.

"I'm convinced an hour of cardiovascular is all you need, as long as you get them calories up. Then you go home and you're all set for y'know."

Travolta made the decision to shed the pounds and get fit for his kids ELLA BLUE and JETT when he turned 49, but it's his wife Kelly who benefits most from his new look.

He says, "In the past, it would be a bit harder to breathe and getting out of bed was harder. In the past I just ate and laid around. I didn't exercise. Now, I'm much better in the bedroom.

"When I was out of shape I was not as good a lover as I was when I was in shape. You have to move the body."

And his wife insists Travolta's hot new look is thrilling.

She says, "He looks amazing. He's sexy no matter what, whether he's got a bigger body or this smaller, tighter body. He works out like a mad man, but his stamina is better."