Hollywood hero John Travolta made his poor wife suffer in the bedroom - because he was so fat that she had to "do all the work".

The star has piled on the pounds in recent years, and was forced to drop a whopping 12 kilograms (28 pounds) for his latest role in BASIC, which reunited him with Pulp Fiction co-star Samuel L Jackson.

Now that he's feeling fit and fresh again, the 49-year-old is keen to give son JETT and daughter ELLA BLEU another sibling - and he's sure wife KELLY PRESTON will agree now that things are easier in their intimate moments.

Travolta says, "When I was so portly Kelly had to do almost all the work. Don't get me wrong - the sex drive was always there, but in certain positions I would work up quite a sweat. Now I feel sexy again and I'm in good form.

"We want a third child so you can imagine what I'm keeping myself busy with."

18/07/2003 01:57