John Travolta is hoping Quentin Tarantino will call him about much-mooted movie THE VEGA BROTHERS - because he would never phone his Pulp Fiction director.

Tarantino has long talked about the idea of bringing Michael Madsen and Travolta together for Pulp Fiction/RESERVOIR DOGS spin-off The Vega Brothers, but Travolta claims he knows nothing about it.

The 50-year-old says, "No one ever told me. If Michael Madsen said that, there's probably some truth in it because he's been spending much more time with Quentin in the last few years.

"But I just left Quentin do his thing. If he wants to include me in something, then I will report for duty.

"You don't go to Quentin and say, 'I want to do this movie.' You just wait for the phone call like I did the first time with Pulp Fiction."

28/09/2004 21:09