John Travolta based his super-suave performance of a gangster in Be Cool on screen legend SIR Sean Connery.

The handsome actor modelled his role of criminal-turned-hit movie producer CHILI PALMER, whom he first played in 1995 hit comedy Get Shorty, on the Scottish veteran's portrayal of sophisticated secret spy James Bond.

Travolta, 51, says, "Sean is one of my favourite screen idols, in particular as Bond, so I took that as inspiration. The character of Chili is fearless and never loses his cool.

"He's dapper, elegant, fun and romantic, like Connery's Bond. When Get Shorty came out, I got a call from Sean Connery.

"He said, 'I just saw Get Shorty and I loved it,' and he went on and on about it. I told him he liked it because it reminded him of himself."

13/03/2005 14:38