Actor John Travolta admits his rekindled fame went to his head - after the success of Pulp Fiction.

The GREASE star was Hollywood's golden boy for several years, but spent most of the 80s floundering in the movie wilderness, before Quentin Tarantino recognised his possibilities for Pulp Fiction.

He says, "Once we went to CANNES FILM FESTIVAL I knew that I could have a second shot at this, and it was a beautiful progression after that because I think that people were welcoming me back.

"I think that the studios saw that the audience hadn't changed their feelings about me. It was only being cast in the right thing. Casting has so much to do with the temperature of the moment.

"I always viewed it as a generator that was not hooked up to the electricity. You know, you always have the ability to perform and people like that generator, but if the studio decides to pull the plug on it then you're just a workable generator that's sitting idle at a distance."

02/06/2003 01:44