John Travolta puts in a great turn as the villain in THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123, according to the film's director.

Speaking to Empire magazine, Tony Scott, the man at the helm of the remake, explained that Travolta has made the role of Ryder his own.

"Travolta plays it beautifully. But it's all from the real guy. He's funny, he's f*****-up, he's dangerous," Scott said.

According to the director, the villain in the new version has more of a back-story than his counterpart in the original movie who was known only as Mr Blue.

Ryder has just been released from jail after being set up in a previous heist and has now decided to take revenge on the entire city of New York, Scott explained.

Recently, Travolta provided the voice of the main character in animated film Bolt.

The picture also starred Miley Cyrus and took £2.8 million in its first weekend on release in the UK.

26/05/2009 16:10:45