John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston desperately begged their son JETT to stay alive as paramedics battled to save the teenager.
The Pulp Fiction star and Preston travelled with their son in an ambulance as it rushed Jett to hospital following his seizure on vacation in the Bahamas.
The tearful couple urged Jett to "come around" as an emergency crew frantically tried to revive the unconscious 16-year-old.
But the youngster was pronounced dead at the hospital on Friday (02Jan09) - and Travolta's lawyer believes Jett might even had died in the actor's arms.
Travolta has told how he desperately tried to save his son's life after a carer found him collapsed in a bathroom.
He says, "I tried the kiss of life for about 20 minutes. I wouldn't give up. I did everything I could to keep Jett alive. The paramedics took over from me when they arrived."
And a medic has revealed the heartbreaking scene in the back of the ambulance as Jett was rushed to hospital.
Marcus Garvey tells both Travolta and Preston tried to urge their son back to consciousness - with Travolta pleading, "Jett, come on, Jett, come on, come around."
Garvey adds Preston was in tears as she asked, "Is he breathing? Are you helping him? Are you getting him back? Is he coming back?" before grabbing her son's hand and urging, "Come on baby, come on, Jett!"
The emergency worker also reveals Travolta thanked the crew for their efforts to save Jett's life: "He tapped me on the shoulder and said 'Good job, good job'."
But despite the efforts to revive Jett, Travolta's lawyer and close friend, Michael MCDermott, believes the teenager may have died in the actor's arms even before medics arrived on the scene.
He says, "I like to believe John had a chance to say goodbye. Jett may have died in his dad's arms."
It has also emerged the family had a system of alarms in place to alert them if Jett - who suffered from "frequent and extremely serious" seizures - fell ill.
Travolta made sure two nannies were always on hand, including Jeff Kathrein who discovered the teenager in a bathroom at the holiday home.
MCDermott says, "John and Kelly had everything possible set up for an emergency in Jett's life. Jeff slept eight feet from Jett. There was a baby monitor right next to him in his bed. And a chimer attached to the bathroom door announced when Jett was going in. All of this was because he was prone to seizures. Jeff got to him within minutes of his fall, we believe. He tried to revive him while John was alerted."
A local coroner is expected to determine the exact cause of death on Monday (05Jan08).