John Travolta's plans to buy the dance floor he strutted across in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER when it goes on auction have been put on hold, because a disgruntled promoter claims the nightclub centrepiece belongs to him.

The multi-coloured floor, which featured in the 1977 movie classic, has been retrieved from a doomed New York club, which closed in February (05), and was due to go up for sale to bidders on internet auction house eBAY.COM from tomorrow (01APR05).

But VITO BRUNO says he won the dance floor when he bid GBP3,100 ($6,000) in a February auction in local newspaper The New York Times.

And now Brooklyn judge IRA HARKAVY has issued a temporary restraining order on the auction - meaning Travolta may never be able to place his bid.

Travolta had said, "If I were smart I'd buy it - I gave everything else away. But it would depend on how much they would take me for."

31/03/2005 17:39