The first masseur who accused John Travolta of sexual assault has reportedly been dropped by his lawyer.

The accuser - known only as John Doe # 1 - filed a $2 million dollar lawsuit against the 'Pulp Fiction' actor claiming he made unwanted sexual advances towards him in Los Angeles on January 16, but after the masseur admitted earlier today (11.05.12) that he got the date of the alleged attack wrong he is no longer being represented by Los Angeles attorney Okorie Okorocha.

A source told RadarOnline: ''Okorocha did not feel he could represent John Doe #1 going forward anymore and recommend him finding another lawyer.''

But Okorocha will continue to represent a second masseur - who is known only as John Doe #2 - who has also made sexual assault claims against the star, although John's attorney Marty Singer has vehemently denied both allegations.

The source added: ''He is still representing John Doe #2 other alleged victims who are possibly coming forward.''

After proof emerged that John, 58, was in New York on January 16, 2012, a source close to John Doe #1 revealed the masseur made a ''miscalculation'' which could lead to his lawsuit being altered, although other details are expected to remain the same.

The insider explained: ''The lawsuit will likely be amended, but this doesn't change the facts of the lawsuit.

''John Doe #1 gave very specific information, and staff from the Beverly Hills Hotel will absolutely be included as witnesses in the case.''

Yesterday (10.05.12), a third accuser, Chilean-born Fabian Zanzi, alleged the actor ''hugged'' him, asked for a massage and offered him $12,000 for sex while Fabian was working on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship in 2009.

Fabian - who was in charge of taking care of VIP guests on the boat - says he refused John's offer.

Fabian's allegations have also been denied by Singer, who claims the former cruise ship employee is looking for ''his 15 minutes of fame''.

He told the New York Daily News: ''This individual is simply hopping on the bandwagon to get his 15 minutes of fame by coming up with a story for the first time with something that supposedly happened over three years ago. Nobody has ever heard from this guy before. No lawyer has contacted us.''