Pda? Or publicity stunt? John Travolta 's public life has been dragged through the mud over recent weeks. He has been hit by a string of allegations regarding his sexuality and has had several court cases brought against him, for sexual assault and for 'spreading lies' about the author of a book, who claimed to have had sexual relations with him.
None the events of the last few weeks can have been easy for Travolta, whether the allegations are true or false. And his marriage to Kelly Preston must be under strain, as well. In an effort to show a united front to the public, the couple were seen kissing at the premiere of new movie Savages. They made sure that their affectionate embrace took place where the cameras could capture the moment and - aware that a picture paints a thousand words - they even made sure that their outfits were coordinated for the emotional public embrace. Kelly was wearing a purple dress, with lace details, whilst Travolta wore a suit with purple shirt and tie.
The couple avoided any interviews with the press, according to E! Online, choosing instead to side-step the potential for awkward questioning and go straight on in and watch the movie. Travolta has been spotted out and about several times since his troubles began but this is the first public outing that he and Kelly have made as a couple.