John Travolta has been photographed without his hairpiece on a family holiday.
JOHN TRAVOLTA, the Hollywood actor and star of 'Grease', 'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Pulp Fiction', decided to go without his hairpiece on a recent family holiday in Hawaii, reports the UK's Daily Mail.It is no secret that Travolta often wears a weave when out in public, but the actor spent a day by the sea with wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella, without his head of dark hair. The family were celebrating Travolta's 57th birthday and the actor was spotted relaxing in a hammock while 10-year-old Ella played by the sea with mother Kelly. The couple welcomed their third child 'Benjamin' three months ago in Florida, less than two years after the tragic death of their son Jett. Travolta hit the headlines last month when he opened the 'Breitling' Flagship store in New York City sporting a head of long, wavy, brown hair. Five days later, the actor was photographed with an entirely different haircut in a short crop style.
In 2008, JOHN TRAVOLTA appeared totally bald in the movie 'From Paris With Love' and seemed to embrace his natural look, saying, "I like it a lot, because it's a bald look and it allows me freedom to be bald".