John Travolta has made his first public appearance since allegations about his sexuality have been made public. For the last few weeks, the media has been rumbling with the news that more than one male hotel masseur has accused the 58 year old actor of sexual assault and more recently, claims have ben made that he also had a lengthy affair with his male pilot in the 1980s. Travolta has been keeping a low profile since the allegations were made public and letting his legal team do the work to clear his name.
Last night though (June 7, 2012), he made an appearance at the American Film Institute event, where he presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to the actress Shirley Maclaine. The appearance came just hours after the allegations regarding his relationship with the pilot had emerged. The shocking new revelation was published in the National Enquirer, who had spoken to Travolta's former assistant, Joan Edwards. She told the magazine's reporters "Of course I knew John was gay. Doug is a wonderful guy and we are still good friends. He told me they had a sexual relationship." The pilot's former boyfriend also backed up the claims. "Doug said John was constantly grabbing at him, but he put up with his sexual advances because working for him was lucrative," said Robert Britz. "But John's advances eventually started to repulse him."
Travolta has not yet spoken to defend or deny the allegations. He is married to the actress Kelly Preston, with whom he has had three children.