Hollywood action man John Travolta arranged a special meeting onboard a plane to congratulate one of Britain's youngest qualified pilots.

Tom Hall, from Scotland, qualified to fly planes at the tender age of just 19, and aviation enthusiast Travolta arranged to meet up with him in London for a special gathering onboard a Qantas jet.

Travolta, who is a qualified commercial pilot, chatted to Hall about flying and posed for pictures with him in the cockpit, before offering him the chance to fly to Australia on one of the airline's jumbos.

Hall tells Britain's Daily Record newspaper, "I was so excited to be invited by Qantas to fly to London and meet John. He was so nice and it was really great to have the opportunity to talk to him about his experience as a pilot and learn more about the industry. To top it all off, John said that he'd arrange for me to fly to Australia with Qantas, which I'm so excited about."

Hall is expected to begin his commercial airline training in the new year (14).