A man who filed sexual battery charges against John Travolta has filed papers to dismiss the case.

The masseur - who has been named only as John Doe #1 - had originally accused the actor of assaulting him on January 16 at the Beverly Hills hotel but made an application in California this morning (15.05.12) to have the lawsuit dismissed.

A second masseur - known as John Doe #2 - is still pursuing his claim, which alleges the 'Pulp Fiction' star sexually assaulted him in an Atlanta hotel.

The second man's lawyer, Okorie Okorocha - who had dropped the first masseur as a client when he claimed he had the date of the alleged assault wrong after Travolta was able to prove he was elsewhere - insists he intends to pursue the allegation as far as possible.

The lawyer told the New York Daily News newspaper:

''Believe me, he's not going anywhere. He was really traumatized by this.

''He went to the doctor for anxiety. This is somebody in the south, not Beverly Hills. When a brother is going to the doctor for anxiety, it has to be pretty bad.''

John's lawyer has denied the allegations against him, including the claims of a third man, Chilean-born Fabian Zanzi who alleged the actor ''hugged'' him, asked for a massage and offered him $12,000 for sex while Fabian was working on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship in 2009.

Fabian - who was in charge of taking care of VIP guests on the boat - says he refused John's offer.