John Travolta's lawyer stunned a Bahamas courtroom by channelling Jack Nicholson as he took to the stand on Tuesday (06Oct09) - shouting out the actor's famous "You can't handle the truth" catchphrase from A FEW GOOD MEN.
Michael MCDermott was cross-examined by attorney Murrio Ducille, who is defending ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne and former politician Pleasant Bridgewater against allegations they plotted to extort millions of dollars from Travolta.
The pair is accused of trying to blackmail the Grease star and his wife Kelly Preston for at least $20 million (£13.3 million) by threatening to release private documents surrounding the death of their son Jett.
On Monday (05Sep09) jurors at the Nassau courthouse were shown video footage taken by MCDermott in which he met with Lightbourne while Bridgewater was conferenced in on a phone's loudspeaker.
Under cross-examination, MCDermott was accused by Ducille of trying to entrap his clients by filming their meeting.
The attorney said, "I suggest, Mr. MCDermott, that you sought to give birth to an extortion plot but it was stillborn."
MCDermott then drew gasps and laughter from several jurors by replying: "And I suggest that you can't handle the truth."
Lightbourne and Bridgewater deny extortion. The trial continues.