U.S. TV star John Stamos is keen to follow his pregnant ex-wife Rebecca Romijn into parenthood, and he's willing to adopt in a bid to start a family.
The E.R. star, who divorced mum-to-be Romijn in 2005, insists a child would perfect his life, but he insists that having kids with his ex would have been a bad idea.
He tells U.S. news show Extra, "I didn't want to have a child with the wrong person."
And, though he failed at marriage with the X-Men star, Stamos hasn't given up on finding a soulmate: "I'd like my kid to grow up the way I did, having a mother and a father."
He's currently dating model Leah Marsh and admits the couple has been talking about having kids together: "I've been talking about it for a while. I'm ready to have kids."
And that could mean adopting.
The actor explains, "If it doesn't work out the other way, I would go to Project Cuddle, a charity I'm involved with that helps young women who are considering abandoning their babies."