LATEST: E.R. star John Stamos has dismissed speculation he had been drinking when severe jet-lag left him exhausted and unfit for interviews. The U.S. TV star upset journalists with his sloppy attire and sleepy demeanour during interviews staged to promote the new season of E.R. Down Under. Insiders claim that Aussie TV executives were so unimpressed with the actor's attitude they cancelled a string of interviews scheduled for this week (ends29Jun07) and sent Stamos home. But Stamos wants to make it clear his behaviour had nothing to do with alcohol, but was the result of his taking a sleeping pill at five o'clock in the morning. He says, "I was not drinking. I did not drink either morning. I do not have an alcohol problem. I am not David Hasselhoff. This is not a pattern. "Now I know that Ambien is an eight-hour sleeping pill so if you take it, you better get eight hours sleep. Do not take it at five in the morning." He adds, "I really do feel bad. I hope Australia will give me a chance to redeem myself. I love Australia. My plan is to retire there, still."