John Stamos says his fiancee Caitlin McHugh is the ''perfect girl'' for him.

The 54-year-old actor and the actress recently announced their engagement on Instagram, and John admits he's still on ''cloud nine'' as he looks forward to tying the knot with Caitlin.

John shared: ''I'm on cloud nine. I've been waiting for the perfect girl for over a decade and she walked into my life.''

John was previously married to former fashion model Rebecca Romijn from 1998 until 2005.

And the 'ER' star admitted he needed to get himself together following the collapse of his first marriage before he was able to find love again.

John - who started dating Caitlin in early 2016 - told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''A true, pure, beautiful person inside would have never gone for the old me a few years ago.

''I had to get to the best me. Get back to the person I was, hit reset, and then I knew the right person would come along. Especially if I prayed and hoped and I knew my parents were up there watching. So I think they delivered an angel to me.''

John said that his wife-to-be has a markedly different character to himself, which helps to make them such a suitable match.

He explained: ''We're a perfect balance. I'm like, hyper and tense and she's like, 'It's cool man. Everything's fine'.

''She's so calm and so graceful, which I'm not either of those things, so it's just a great balance. She's just a pure, authentic beauty. She's not trying to be something she isn't. She doesn't care about money or showbiz.''

John also joked that his co-stars on the Netflix series 'Fuller House' all already prefer Caitlin to him.

The actor quipped: ''They all love her more than me. They're like, 'Is Caitlin coming? We don't care about you, is Caitlin coming?'''