A commercial advertising CROCODILE HUNTER STEVE IRWIN's family wildlife park in Australia has been edited to remove a poignant comment from Irwin's daughter BINDI. Irwin's business manager and long-time friend John Stainton described deleting eight-year-old Bindi's comment "there's a chance you'll see my Dad there, too!" from the Australia Zoo ads as "incredibly sad". Stainton said, "We had to remove the line because you wouldn't see him again - you can't promise something you can't deliver, so it had to come out." The line was followed by Bindi saying "but best of all it's my Australia Zoo", which remains in the ad that doesn't feature her father. Stainton said there was no need to take down billboards featuring the Crocodile Hunter's enthusiastic grin along Queensland's Sunshine Coast. He adds, "They are staying up - it's not going to change. He will always have his name and image associated with the zoo." Irwin died after a stingray barb pierced his chest in an accident off the north Queensland coast on 4 September (06).