Tragic THE WEST WING star John Spencer got his dying wish to pass away quickly, according to co-star and friend Kristin Chenoweth. The actress reveals she had many conversations with "deep" Spencer about death before a December (05) heart attack claimed his own life. Chenoweth is convinced the reason why his death was so sudden was because the actor didn't want to live if he knew he'd suffer or struggle with life. She explains, "We had a conversation one day on set where we were talking about dying and he asked me how I wanted to go. I said, 'I heard drowning. They say that drowning is the best way to go.' "He said, 'I want to go quick.' I think he knew in that moment (when he died) that he would probably hang around but he wouldn't be the same. I'd like to think that he was like, 'I'm out of here.'"