Movie-maker John Singleton is looking forward to working with pop star Justin Timberlake on his new movie BLACK SNAKE MOON, because he's convinced the singer is going to be one of the biggest crossover arTIsts ever.

The Boyz n the Hood director insists Timberlake is perfectly cast in the Memphis, Tennessee-based drama - because that's where the CRY ME A RIVER singer is from.

Singleton says, "I think Justin is going to be a huge movie star. He's a southern boy playing a southern boy. His heart and soul is in this role. I've told him what I tell every musician I cast in my films, 'Take it seriously and attack the role with everything you've got.'"

And the man who helped launch ANDRE 3000, Ice Cube, Ludacris and Janet JACKSON's movie careers has his eyes on another hip-hop star as a future film star.

He says, "I like TI. He's got what it takes, and I'd love to work with 50 CENT. I think he's gonna blow people away when he comes out with GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' (new Jim Sheridan film). I met with him for dinner recently and he's got a good attitude."

But, despite his penchant for casting rappers and hip-hop stars in his movies, Singleton agrees with Timberlake's Black Snake Moon co-star actor Samuel L Jackson that not all rappers are destined to become movie stars.

He explains, "You just can't jump up and be in a movie. I think that's what Sam was getting at. You have to pay your dues."

13/07/2005 09:20