Production on John Simm's new Tv thriller Prey had to be put on hold after the British actor badly injured his leg during a gruelling scene.

The Doctor Who star plays detective Marcus Farrow, who goes on the run after he is accused of murdering his wife and children.

The shoot was high-energy, with Simms' character battling his way out of a number of dangerous situations, but one particularly demanding scene, in which he had to pull himself out of a river, left him out of action.

He tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "It was a very physical role - lots of running, hanging off bridges and climbing fences. Hard work but I loved it. But we were filming a scene where (character) Marcus is being chased through fields and ends up wading through a river.

"We were on about the third take of me clambering up this wet verge. As I launched myself forward my foot slipped and I felt my calf muscle tear."

The injury forced producers to halt the shoot while Simm underwent treatment.

He adds, "I've never had any problems before and it wasn't as if I hadn't stretched and prepared correctly. We had to halt filming for a while as the muscle healed and I had physio (physiotherapy) but I was raring to go when we resumed filming and there were no more problems."