One Month Out is based on the real-life saga of a nurse who conned an elderly patient out of his fortune, using his dementia to convince him to leave his wife.

But, in Schneider's tale, the old man fools his caregiver.

"Barry plays a gentleman who is so in love with his wife that he feigns dementia, so he will be taken advantage of by a nurse," the actor/filmmaker tells WENN.

"Sadly, this is based upon a true story; a friend of mine's father-in-law had dementia and was preyed upon by a nurse, who wound up getting him to divorce his wife of 50 years and leave everything to her.

"In my world, he is feigning dementia so he can trade his mountain of debt for her (nurse's) condo in New Orleans, thus leaving his wife of 50 years with a paid-for condo in New Orleans, rather than a mountain of debt. It has an interesting twist to it."

The film will be the first project John directs at his film studio base in Louisiana following the clean-up from a recent flood.

The star lost hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of filmmaking and sound equipment when the nearby Tickfaw River broke its banks last month (Mar16), and he fears the disaster may have put prospective producers off the idea of shooting at John Schneider Studios.

"People have been looking at the studio, but I have a feeling that the notion of the flood will scare some people off," he says.

Schneider's new film Smothered, which was shot at JSS, has just been released internationally on video-on-demand. The movie features the stars behind the masks of some of the most iconic horror franchises, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Friday the 13th, and imagines them taking on a psychotic killer at a U.S. trailer park.