The Dukes of Hazzard star turned Camp Singing Waters into the John Schneider Studios three years ago (13) after falling in love with the area while scouting locations for his newly-released horror movie Smothered, and he has since discovered the place is full of interesting and tragic spooks.

"When I first drove onto the property, this was a place that embraced you and I do believe in ghosts," the actor/filmmaker tells WENN. "I believe that there are good ghosts and bad ghosts...

"Several ghost hunter folks have come up to the studio, not knowing anything, and I had three different people say, 'You know, at this little fountain, there's an old gentlemen listening to his wife sing and she's not very good, but he loves the way she sounds'. I thought, 'Isn't that cool?'

"In the 50s and 60s, when it was a regular camp, I believe there were several not so great things that happened in the lake; there were several drownings in the lake... and right next to my property there is a bridge over the highway. There have been people whose last leaps of faith have ended poorly there.

"I've had people come through here with their flashlights and the flashlights turn on and off. I've seen it."

But John isn't spooked by his spooks, adding, "I think Camp Singing Waters, which is now John Schneider Studios, is a happy place."

He's not the only one filming there - Pierce Brosnan's son Sean recently shot the indie film My Father, Die at John Schneider Studios and Exit 13, a new horror movie starring Tom Sizemore, was filmed there.

John is currently cleaning the place up after a March (16) flood caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

His new film, Smothered, was released on video on demand internationally this week (beg28Mar16).