Actor John Schneider indicated Wednesday that he intends to take the more conventional route of selling his General Lee car, used in The Dukes of Hazzard TV series, through a reputable automobile auctioneer. His decision came after a buyer of the vehicle, who bid nearly $10 million for it on eBay, appeared to renege on the deal and eBay accused Schneider of not accepting its advice to employ a third party to pre-approve bidders. In a statement, Schneider said, "When eBay decided to put my auction on their home page, it became their auction." Schneider noted that at one point the bidding had reached $6 million but that eBay had later scaled it back to $2 million. That figure, he said, "must have come from somewhere." Implying that he may take legal action not only against the reneging buyer but also against eBay, Schneider said, "When a multi-billion dollar company takes ownership of an event, in this case an auction, I believe they take responsibility for the outcome."