Photographer John Rutter's mother burst into tears when her son's hefty bail was left at $250,000 (GBP156,250) as he fights for freedom, after trying to sell naked pictures he took of Cameron Diaz.

MARY RUTTER, a chaplain who counsels prisoners in Washington, told the court she was devastated when she attended her son's bail appeal hearing earlier this week (10SEP03) - and insisted the photographer was the target of a "miscarriage of justice".

Rutter has been jailed after he was charged with extortion for asking Diaz for $3.3 million (GBP2.06 million) to keep topless shots he took of her away from the press. Prosecutors also claim he forged the actress' signature.

After the brief hearing in Los Angeles, Mary Rutter said, "My son has done no wrong. He gave Cameron Diaz the first right of refusal. He didn't have to do that because these are his pictures and it's his right to sell them.

"For this family, it's devastating. I am ashamed of our system."

12/09/2003 19:27