A fan accused of stalking country star John Rich has been issued a stern warning over allegations he is "playing games" with a court order.

Mark Christopher Sevier is facing two counts of aggravated stalking and one count of criminal impersonation after he was accused of harassing Rich via email and allegedly stalking a 17-year-old girl last year (13).

He pleaded not guilty in a Nashville, Tennessee court and is free on bail awaiting trial, which is scheduled for October (14).

On Wednesday (23Apr14), a prosecutor requested that Sevier's bond be revoked over claims he has been "toying" with a court order in which he must give 24-hours notice and a detailed schedule of his travel plans if he leaves his home state of Alabama.

The prosecutor told the judge that in April (14), Sevier sent an email to court officials just before midnight on a Friday, alerting them he was moving to New York City that same weekend.

Davidson County Criminal Court judge Mark Fishburn stated that since Rich was due in New York next week (beg28Apr14), Sevier would not be allowed to remain in the state as long as the musician was there.

The judge warned Sevier to "to stop playing games with the court or go to jail". He decided against revoking his bail.