The ex-girlfriend of actor John Ratzenberger has hit back at the former Cheers star, after he accused her of threatening to blow up his car.
Ratzenberger, who played Cliff Calvin in the hit sitcom, filed a request for a restraining order against 45-year-old Lindsay MCGrail, alleging she had made "harassing and intimidating phone calls, emails and text messages" to him, his family and friends.
The complaint filed in Los Angeles added that MCGrail had "indicated that it is common in many country western songs for women to set the cars of their former boyfriends on fire" and that he feared she'd do the same to him.
But MCGrail has responded, telling Ratzenberger had twisted a comment she had made and that she was "not stupid enough" to blow up his car.
The actor is bidding to keep MCGrail least 100 yards away from him, his home and his workplace.