CHEERS star John Ratzenberger is picking up the pieces of his shattered life after getting dumped by his fiancee CATARINA TOUMEI (corr).

The 57-year-old actor, who played postman CLIFF CLAVIN on the show, left his wife GEORGIA to make wedding plans with 39-year-old Toumei, but now his new love has dumped Ratzenberger and eloped with millionaire MARK FREDERICK, according to American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

A friend of the actor's says, "They had a date set. They were going to get married on January 5. He went so far as to meet with Catarina's ex-husband to say how much he was looking forward to being a stepfather to his son."

Friends claim Ratzenberger has already moved on after falling for another woman, DEBRA DAVIS, who he took to The Oscars.

18/03/2005 03:14