FINDING NEMO star John Ratzenberger is treating his teenage son to a trip around America after falling in love with a brand new Airstream trailer.

The actor, who also played barfly CLIFF CALVIN in hit sitcom Cheers, was so impressed with AIRSTREAM's new International line when he filmed TV documentary show MADE IN AMERICA, he bought one of the trailers on the spot.

And Ratzenberger is using the trailer - identical to the one Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie used to trek across America in reality TV show THE SIMPLE LIFE 2 - to ferry his son James, 17, from university to university while he makes decisions about his education.

Ratzenberger is so thrilled with his home from home, he has been in regular contact with Airstream with his road stories.

Airstream Vice-President TIM CHAMP says, "He spent the day with us and really fell in love with the International. As he was leaving, he gave me a cheque for $38,000 (GBP21,100) and said he wanted one.

"We placed an order and four weeks later, he had his own trailer. He was thrilled and has called us from the road. He and his son are having a great time."

14/05/2004 13:36