Former CHEERS star John Ratzenberger is set to walk down the aisle again just months after divorcing his wife of 19 years.

Ratzenberger, who played postman CLIFF CLAVIN, in the hit sitcom met blonde CATARINA TOUMEI when he was still married to now ex-wife GEORGIA, but insists their romance had nothing to do with the break-up of his marriage.

And now the couple plan to wed in January (05) after secretly getting engaged on 4 July (04).

Ratzenberger has been making sure that marriage a second time will work out by getting his new fiancee a wardrobe job on his new TV show MADE IN AMERICA - and spending as much time in her company as possible.

Toumei says, "People on the show have all remarked how being in love has done wonders for him. Since we've been together, he's lost 30 pounds and he's positively glowing."

01/10/2004 02:49