Late DJ John Peel's station BBC RADIO 1 has denied claims they contributed to the broadcaster's fatal heart attack on Monday (25OCT04).

The British corporation is furious the 65-year-old's friend ANDY KERSHAW accused them of affecting his health by giving Peel a later slot, increasing the workload at his RADIO 4 show and making him feel "marginalised", reports Britain's THE TIMES newspaper.

Kershaw said, "The last time I saw him, he looked absolutely worn out. We went to a cafe near Radio 1 and I said 'John, you look terrible.'

"He said, 'They've moved me to 11pm one night and the combination of that and HOME TRUTHS (his Radio 4 show) is killing me.' He felt he had been marginalised."

But a Radio 1 DJ insists, "It is extremely distressing that Andy should say this. John was fully supportive of the changes - he even said that the late finish meant clearer roads when he drove back to East Anglia."

28/10/2004 02:47