The BBC has organised a series of concerts across the UK on 13 October (05) to celebrate the life and legacy of late British radio DJ John Peel.

Peel Day will see upcoming bands take to the stage in various locations across the country, and organisers hope the day will become a popular annual event.

The influential radio star, who died suddenly aged 65 whilst holidaying in Peru last October (05), led the way in promoting new music acts including David Bowie, JOY DIVISION and THE White Stripes, and was the longest-serving presenter on pop-oriented station BBC Radio 1.

Head of Radio 1 ANDY PARFITT says, "Peel Day is about celebrating John's legacy and his unrivalled passion for music. It'll be a day of gigs taking place up and down the country - something we feel will be a fitting tribute to John."

His widow SHEILA RAVENSCROFT adds, "He would appreciate that in years to come Peel Day will give new bands across the country the chance to be heard."