The Love Me Again musician was first diagnosed with the life-threatening condition in 2012, before having the tumour removed.

Earlier this month (Aug16) it was revealed the growth had returned, although the 26-year-old told WENN his prognosis was "good".

Now he has vowed to beat the cancer once and for all and says that he chose to speak out about his condition in the hope that he can raise awareness and encourage others to get an early diagnosis.

"I've got to go in for big surgery and radiotherapy so I don't have to put up with this s**t again - I don't have to live knowing it might come back," he tells British newspaper The Sun. "They're going to get rid of it this time."

He adds, "People shouldn't be going blind and getting dizzy and turning up to the doctors and saying, 'I don't know what's going on with me'. It's too late. That's why I wanted it to come out that I've been battling it for a while and I'm still in the middle of a battle."

The brave Brit, who performed at Britain's V Festival over the weekend (20-21Aug16) revealed that despite suffering from debilitating headaches he's positive about life and takes a devil may care attitude to the risk the tumour may kill him.

"I get weird headaches but I'm not bothered by that," he explains. "I felt like I knew, like a horrible anxiety but that's why I'm looking at this so positively.

"If I don't have surgery, f**k it. Everything is all right, I ride a motorbike at intense speeds, I do stupid things all the time. If somebody could possibly die, would you walk around asking if they're all right all the time because what if somebody stepped on to the road and got hit?"

Instead the star has been immersing himself into his music, deeming it a welcome distraction from his medical problems.

"I'll go into my meetings and they'll tell me, 'OK, it's growing - we'll get it out soon' and I'm like, 'Cool, OK, right, studio.' It's the same next year, I'll wake up from surgery and think, 'I'll go back to the studio'," he says. "It's the only thing that gets me through."

After his gig at V Festival, John has now finished his touring commitments and plans to undergo surgery next year (17).