Late theatre veteran SIR John Mills' daughters HAYLEY and JULIETTE have unveiled a new rose in his honour at London's legendary Chelsea Flower Show.

The two sisters fought back tears as they hailed the beautiful pink flower as a "wonderful memorial" to the actor, who died last month (APR05) at the age of 97.

Hayley explained her father was a great admirer of the yearly flower display, and was thrilled to learn a rose had been dedicated to him.

She says, "He was so excited when he heard about this.

"The growers brought him a rose in his hospital bed only a few days before he died, it was so touching,

"By that stage he was blind, so he couldn't see how beautiful it was, but he could smell its wonderful fragrance and I know that it meant a great deal to him before he died.

"A rose lives for ever and this rose is going to live in my garden - it's the most wonderful memorial."

24/05/2005 13:39