Actor John Michael Higgins fears David Letterman still hasn't forgiven him for portraying the talk show host in a TV movie 13 years ago.
Higgins was cast as Letterman in The Late Shift, a docu-drama based on the politics of late night TV. It focused particularly on Johnny Carson's retirement from The Tonight Show and the decision to replace him with Jay Leno rather than Letterman.
Letterman vocally disapproved of the film and the decision to cast Higgins as him - and Higgins suspects he's still angry more than a decade on.
Revealing he has been booked to appear on the host's Late Show twice before being bumped, Higgins tells, "He didn't like the project from the beginning and didn't make it easy for me - or for anyone doing that project. It was hard. I took it because I needed to fix the steering column on my Subaru is why I took it.
"There was a famous incident where he invited me to the show and I got bumped off the show. Everyone sort of tried to figure out what happened there... it's odd though, it's an interesting job. It's really interesting to industry people. To still be talking about a job I was in 13 years ago is very unusual."